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Our policy is one of continued research and development. We therefore reserve the right to amend, without notice, the specifications given in this document. (2019 - 9261a) © 2020 IMI International s.r.o. 01/21 en 1.6.601.01 Mitsubishi Electric Automation - High Performing Partnership > High performing servo motors > Motors offered from small to large capacities with low inertia as well as options for high throughput, high acceleration/ deceleration > Options for material handling syems, robots, and X-Y tables > Programmable controller provides ease of use, functionality, and high performance > Provide connectivity and flexible networking with Ethernet, Modbus, and serial communication options > PLC syems ensure high capacity data processing for smooth screen operations Description MR-J4 Input Main AC Input Voltage 100/200/400 VAC Control AC Input Voltage Same as above AC100V Compatible 100~400W Single-Phase AC200V Compatible 700W or less Output Control Method Sine-wave PWM control, Current Control Method Motor Capacity (Rotary Motor) .05-55KW Control Main Control Function Position, Speed, Torque Control Change mode Frequency Response 2.5kHz Automatic Tuning Function Advanced One Touch Tuning Vibration Suppression Advanced Vibration Control II Disturbance Compensation Advanced vibration suppression control II; Robust filter (vs. conventional low pass); Expanded machine resonance suppression filter (total five filters); Vibration tough drive for filter readjustment; With B system, optical fiber cabling dramatically strengthens noise immunity Built-In Positioning Point Table,Program, Indexing Modes, Simple Cam Function, Encoder following (A-RJ) Fully-Closed System Standard I/O Maximum Frequency of Input Pulse Train (MR-J4XA) 4Mpps, Differential line driver 200kpps, Open Collector Number of Digital Inputs (Min, max) (4, 10) depending on type Number of Digital Outputs Max 5 Outputs (Depends on control mode) Sink/Source Both available Analog Input (A Type) 2ch Pulse Train Output (A Type) Differential line driver, Z phase open-collector Interfacing To External Devices USB (all models)/RS-422(A) Comm Network SSCNETIII/H, SSCNETIII, CC-Link IE Field , EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET Servo Motors and Amplifiers Overview

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