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More than 80 years of experience > Focus on process automation > Development and implementation of new industry standards e.g. type 24011, NAMUR interface, interchangeable coil system > Development, design, and manufacturing of valves, coils, and customized solutions e.g. panels > High quality and reliability, SIL approval > Customized valve solution > Modern machinery > Highly equipped test lab > Downstream applications RVM IMI Maxseal QEV IMI Herion Valves ICO4 ICO3S ICO4 PST IMI Norgren B38 IMI Norgren 22 Series IMI Maxseal IFR Contact us: Key Markets Oil & Gas Petrochemical Power Generation Water Deluge Systems LNG Products Actuator control solenoid valves Process control solenoid valves Actuator control ancillaries Special variants 2/2 and 3/2 Direct Acting 0-174 psi (1W) 0-290 psi (4.5W) 0-3,002 psi (9.6W) 0-6,004 psi (15.1W) 5/2 Direct Acting 0-174 psi (7.8W) 0-290 psi (15.1W) 2/2, 3/2, and 5/2 Indirect Acting (piloted) 0-3,002 psi (0.5W) *intrinsically safe Ex. ia Suitable for use in: All hazardous areas Harsh high saline (salt water) environments Extreme temperatures -76° F to +194° F Corrosive media Actuator control for: ESDV (emergency shut-down valves) HIPPS (high integrity pressure protection system) Gas turbine high pressure fuel isolation & vent valves Water deluge service

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