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ICO4 Controls Fire Suppression System case study

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Location: Gulf Coast Customer: Texas-based deepwater well containment company Key benefits: Corrosion resistance, high pressure Case study Requirement In the aftermath of a major oil well failure in the Gulf of Mexico, a consortium of global oil companies formed an independent company to develop a multi-faceted approach to containment and repair, including two Modular Capture Vessels based near Corpus Christi, Texas. These tanker ships can capture 100,000 gallons of oil or 200 million standard cubic feet of gas per day from a damaged well head. With safety a top priority in the crisis environment in which these vessels would operate, the business needed the best possible fire suppression system. They turned to their parent companies' trusted supplier, Leecyn Company, LLC for fire protection, and Leecyn turned to IMI Precision Engineering for a long-lasting control valve that would operate reliably under harsh conditions. Solution Leecyn selected the IMI Maxseal ® ICO4 direct-acting solenoid valve to control the valves operating the deluge water and foam fire suppression systems for the Modular Capture Vessels. Leecyn supplied each ship with an H60 control cabinet designed to resist fire for 60 minutes. Inside the cabinet are control valves for sixteen different lines, each servicing a different zone of the vessel. Leecyn specifies the IMI Maxseal ICO4 valve for all applications exposed to seawater. In this case they used valves constructed of an aluminum/bronze alloy for maximum corrosion resistance. The valve also has the capability to handle the high pressures required for this application. Robust valve helps protect Gulf IMI Maxseal ICO4 controls fire suppression system on well-capping ships Engineering GREAT Solutions © Norgren, Inc. 2017 Maxseal is a registered trademark owned by entities within the IMI PLC group of companies. Selected images used under license from

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