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15635SP_Intelligent Material Handling 2022

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Robotic Systems Industries: Aeronautical Automotive Moulding Food and Packaging Consumer Goods Applications: Industrial Robots Collaborative Robots Gantry Systems CNC Tending Assembly Fabrication Palletizing Capabilities: We design and manufacture intelligent products for Material Handling pick and place systems. We specialize in grippers, vacuum, modular end of arm tooling, custom structural components, robotic tool change couplers, and sensors. All products are designed and made in the USA. In addition to standard off-the-shelf products, we customize product offerings for every application. Grippers » We have a wide range of angular and parallel grippers used in automation tasks such as pick and place, material transfer, clamping, and indexing; all fit to move any material. Vacuum » Our wide range of vacuum products include cartridges, pumps, amplifiers, conveying, cups and fittings, and end-of-arm tooling, fit to optimize your material handling needs. Custom Structural Components » Norgren is a leader in Carbon Fiber Structures: custom-made to optimize your business, carbon fiber is lighter and stronger than steel, and is easily repairable. 04 Products and Capabilities 1

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