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3 For more information or for additional configurations, please contact us at 1 2 3 10 Tandem Concepts 14 Tooling Carts 12 Idle Stations TANDEM CONCEPTS IDLE STATIONS TOOLING CARTS Contents 4 5 6 16 Carbon Fiber Structures 35 Round Tooling 18 Receivers and Adapters CARBON FIBER STRUCTURES RECEIVERS AND ADAPTERS ROUND TOOLING 7 8 77 Vacuum and Accessories 100 Double Blank Analyzer VACUUM AND ACCESSORIES DOUBLE BLANK ANALYZER 104 Selecting a Double Blank System 108 Contact Double Blank Detection (Static) 113 Sensors 118 Accessories 79 Spring Mount 82 Venturi and Cup Mounts 86 Round Flat 90 Round Bellow 94 Oval Flat 98 Oval Bellow

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