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15634SP_Automate Efficiency 2022

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06 NAS Capabilities Brochure Press Room Tooling & Products PGS Grippers » Size for size, deliver the best grip force in their class » Fastest actuation time of 0.05s close/0.09s open » Hardened steel chassis makes them extremely durable » Double blank and part- present sensors available Norgren provides automation design and modular tooling for press lines in the automotive industry. With experience in die engineering, automation design and tooling, Norgren delivers industry-leading products for Tandem, Crossbar, Tri-axis and Hot Forming Press applications. In addition to automation design and assembly, Norgren also manufactures receivers, adapters, carbon fiber structures, sensors, grippers, finger tooling and vacuum cup products for automotive stamping processes. Through the Norgren group and other channels, we can support customers worldwide. PGS Hot Metal Grippers » Operate in temperatures up to 1652ºF (900ºC) » Rear-mounted pneumatics » Specially tempered gripper pads » Longer service life and maximum performance. Shovels » Assembly accommodates size and shape variations of parts or dies » Four different locations for mounting part-present sensors Modular Tooling Versa » High strength tubular steel links » Aluminum ball-to-ball clamps » Maximum flexibility to fingers rated 250 ft/lb static/100 ft/lb dynamic load Dial-a-Lok » Slip-free locking system » Reaches specific incremental tooling set-ups in seconds » Increases throughput » Reduces downtime » Decreases changeover time PGS11 Gripper PGS10 Gripper PGS hot metal regular Versa Dial-a-Lok shovel

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