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FASTER RESPONSE TIMES FULLY MODULAR DESIGN CUT ENERGY CONSUMPTION BY UP TO 50% INTEGRATED VALVE AND ACTUATOR CONTROL PRA/88200 Series 32 TO 100MM BORE – UP TO 1,000MM STROKE LENGTH IVAC SAVES COST > Simplified specification and design, ordering, installation and maintenance > Only 1 air connection and 1 electrical connector per unit > Integrated sensor adjustment > Glandless spool valve for life expectancy of over 200 million cycles > Cleanline body offers simple washdown when used in critical applications WE'VE WORKED CLOSELY WITH CUSTOMERS IN KEY INDUSTRY SECTORS TO FULLY UNDERSTAND WHAT IMPROVEMENTS THEY WANTED FROM THEIR PNEUMATIC CONTROLS. THE RESPONSE HIGHLIGHTED A WIDESPREAD NEED FOR IMPROVED ENERGY EFFICIENCY, REDUCED DOWNTIME AND GREATER EASE OF USE. THE IVAC NOW ANSWERS THESE NEEDS A family of products incorporating proven technology, IVAC is a light weight, strong, actuator with integrated solenoid valve, cushion and speed control plus position sensors. The ISO/VDMA dimensions mean that it can be used to replace existing traditional systems, or used on new installations. Using IVAC rather than traditional components, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 50%. The unit has been rigorously tested in operational conditions by customers in a wide range of industries. THE UNIQUE PATENTED DESIGN DELIVERS SIGNIFICANT BENEFITS SAVES ENERGY > Reduction in 'dead volume' of compressed air within system > Faster response times improve machine efficiency and increase production > Can achieve compressed air savings of up to 50% compared to conventional systems 1 ACT-31 For further information visit or call 1.800.514.0129 ACTUATORS

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