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Location: USA and Europe Customer: Heavy-duty truck OEM Key benefits: Reduced space requirements Case study Requirement A truck cab is a command center for multiple operations, many safety-critical. One manufacturer mounted individual valves in the dashboard for each air-driven accessory – lift axle, air horn, suspension dump and more. Long lengths of tubing were routed from the dashboard through the cab firewall to the chassis. Besides consuming precious under- dash space, air leaks were hard to service, and labor and materials for routing airlines throughout the truck were expensive. The truck manufacturer needed a reliable system with less tubing and leak potential that was simple to install and adaptable to various chassis configurations. Solution IMI Precision Engineering integrated heavy-duty truck valves into a flexible stack that can be mounted on the chassis near the applications they power instead of under the dash. This Air Solenoid Accessory Pack (ASAP) is connected via the standard electrical harness to small electric switches mounted on the dashboard. This integrated system reduces tubing and eliminates under-dash leaks and the valve sequence can be configured to fit any truck's accessory options. Push-in fittings colored to match accessory tubing simplifies installation. Most important, better visibility and a more spacious, comfortable cab improves driver safety. Compact valve module frees valuable under-dash space in truck cabs Engineering GREAT Solutions Sector image used under license from © Norgren, Inc. 2015

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