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Location: Global Customer: Atlas Copco Key benefits: Intelligent air flow control Case study Requirement Atlas Copco drill rigs use compressed air to transport rock debris and clean blast holes during drilling. The compressor regulation system uses valves to control the pressure and flow of air coming out of the compressor. To get adequate pressure without wasting compressed air Atlas Copco needed control valves that could be adjusted to meet specific demands. The analog valves originally used could not be adjusted using software algorithms. Electrical valves in a new control system were adjustable, but not robust enough to meet Atlas Copco's high standards for performance and longevity. Solution Drawing on decades of expertise in air preparation and flow control, IMI Precision Engineering supplied an IMI Norgren proportional valve that was "much better suited for the application in terms of robustness, both when it comes to external properties such as vibration and temperatures, but also regarding the internal fluid properties such as moisture resistance," according to Erik Alden, Atlas Copco Group Manager for Drill Rig Systems. The valve is part of a system that makes the rigs more fuel efficient. For more information, go to: Precise flow control helps compressor regulation system save fuel on drill rigs Engineering GREAT Solutions Photo courtesy of Atlas Copco © Norgren, Inc. 2015

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