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11 - Pilot & Feedback Regulators

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4 AIR PREPARATION PRODUCTS APP-84 For further information Fluid: Compressed air, neutral gases NOTE: Contact technical support for use with other media. Inlet pressure range: 10 psig (0.7 bar) to 450 psig (31 bar) maximum Operating temperature: 0° to 175°F (-20° to 80°C) ** ** Air supply must be dry enough to avoid ice formation at temperatures below 35°F (2°C). Maximum bleed rate at 50 psig (3.5 bar) outlet pressure: 0.25 scfm (0.12 dm3/s)† †Maximum bleed rate occurs under dead-end (no flow) conditions. Pilot ports: 1/4" PTF, ISO G R41 feedback port: 1/8" PTF, ISO G Materials Body, bonnet: aluminum Valve: PTFE Elastomers: nitrile Technical data R40, R41 R40 Conventional Pilot Regulator, and R41 Feedback Pilot Regulator 1/4" Port Size * Outlet pressure can be adjusted to pressures in excess of, and less than, those specified. Do not use these units to control pressures outside of the specified ranges. Feedback Pilot Regulator Warning The feedback line must sense the pilot operated regulator outlet pressure and must be connected before turning on the air supply. If the feedback line is not connected, the pilot operated regulator outlet pressure will rapidly increase to the inlet pressure when the adjusting knob on the pilot regulator is turned clockwise. Ordering information Models listed are relieving with constant bleed, 10 to 250 psig (0.7 to 17 bar) outlet pressure adjustment range*, PTF ports. ISO Symbols Port Size Type Model Flow† scfm (dm3/s) Weight lb (kg) 1/4" Conventional Pilot R40-200-BNSA 6.4 (3) 1.66 (0.75) 1/4" Feedback Pilot R41-204-BNSA†† 6.4 (3) 1.66 (0.75) † Typical flow with 100 psig (7 bar) inlet pressure, 90 psig (6.3 bar) set pressure and 15 psig (1 bar) droop from set. †† Do not use the R41 feedback pilot regulator to control outlet pressures at or less than 100 psig (7 bar). Use the 11-104 feedback pilot regulator at those pressures. RHH -2HH -BNHH Type Substitute R40 Conventional 40 R41 Feedback 41 Mounting/Type Substitute Remote/R40 Conventional 00 Remote/R41 Feedback 04 Threads Substitute PTF A ISO G parallel G Outlet Pressure Adjustment Ranges* Substitute 5 to 125 psig (0.3 to 8.5 bar) R40 only L 10 to 250 psig (0.7 to 17 bar) S Alternative Models Pilot regulators are used to control the outlet pressure of a pilot operated regulator (ordered separately) R41 can be close coupled to a 2" R18 pilot regulator Conventional pilot regulator provides good pressure regulation, rapid response to changing flow demands, and excellent stability. Feedback pilot regulator provides superior pressure regulation under changing flow demands where changes in flow demand are not sudden or cyclic. Constant bleed feature provides maximum sensitivity to system changes GrSym,Reg,ConvPilot GrSym,Reg,FdbkPilot R40 Conventional Pilot Regulator with Pilot Operated Regulator R41 Feedback Pilot Regulator with Pilot Operated Regulator

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