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06 - Excelon Smooth Start, Directional, and Lockout Valves

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4 AIR PREPARATION PRODUCTS APP-20 For further information Excelon ® valves P72F, P74F Smooth start/Exhaust valves P72F P74F P74F-AD Options selector P7 H F - HHH - HHH Series Substitute 72 2 74 4 Port size Substitute 1/4" (72) 2 3/8" 3 1/2" (74) 4 3/4" (74) 6 Threads Substitute PTF A ISO G parallel G Operator Substitute Air pilot option A 22 mm miniature solenoid C 22 mm miniature solenoid with manual lockout slide (74) D Ordering information Models listed include PTF threads. Solenoid operated models include 24 VDC coil and plug without indicator. Connectors Substitute 3 pin plug with cable gland, no indicator light A Without N Coil voltage Nominal power rating Substitute 24 V d.c. 2 W F 110/120 V 4/2.5 VA, 50/60 Hz A No solenoid N Solenoid manual operator Substitute Shrouded push button P None N * Solenoid operated models are supplied with 22 mm 24 V d.c. 2 W coil and connector plug without indicator light. plugs. To select alternative voltages and other options refer to the Options selector below. For connector plugs see next page. ** Factory repair only ISO Symbols Port size Solenoid operated* lb (kg) 1/4" P72F-2AC-PFA 2.0 (0.91) 3/8" P74F-3AC-PFA 2.4 (1.08) 1/2" P74F-4AC-PFA 2.3 (1.05) 3/4" P74F-6AC-PFA 3.1 (1.41) Solenoid operated Excelon ® design allows in-line or modular installation Controls increase of downstream pressure on start up. Cylinders and other air operated devices are eased into normal operating positions, reducing the possibility of equipment damage and hazards to the user. Blocks inlet air and exhausts downstream air when pilot signal is removed or when the optional manual lockout slide is closed Optional manual slide can be padlocked in closed position Solenoid pilot or air pilot operation Designed for use in start-up and shutdown of equipment. Fluid: Compressed air, neutral gases NOTE: Contact technical support for use with other media. Maximum pressure solenoid operated: Dependent on solenoid rating [must not exceed 150 psig (10 bar)] Maximum pressure pilot operated: 150 psig (10 bar) max. Minimum operating pressure: 44 psig (3 bar) Operating temperature solenoid operated: Dependent on solenoid rating [must be within range 0°* to 150°F (-20°* to 65°C)] (72) [must be within range 0°* to 175°F (-20°* to 80°C)] (74) Materials Body: zinc alloy (72) aluminum (74) Elastomers: synthetic materials Filter discs: sintered plastic Internal components: brass/steel Technical data

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