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08 - ISO_ VDMA

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1 ACTUATORS ACT-102 For further information Standard models Conforms to ISO 6431, ISO 15552, VDMA 24562 and NFE 49-003-1 Profile barrel with concealed tie rods High performance, stability and reliability Polyurethane seals ensure efficient low friction operation and long life Switches can be mounted flush with the profile barrel Comprehensive range of standard mountings Ø Piston rod Ø Port size Magnetic Standard Magnetic Non-rotating Non-magnetic Standard Non-magnetic Non-rotating Service kit Standard Service kit Non-rotating 32 12 G1/8 PDA/182032/M/* PRA/182032/N2/* PDA/182032/* PRA/182032/N1/* QA/8032/00 QA/8032/N1/00 40 16 G1/4 PDA/182040/M/* PRA/182040/N2/* PDA/182040/* PRA/182040/N1/* QA/8040/00 QA/8040/N1/00 50 20 G1/4 PDA/182050/M/* PRA/182050/N2/* PDA/182050/* PRA/182050/N1/* QA/8050/00 QA/8050/N1/00 63 20 G3/8 PDA/182063/M/* PRA/182063/N2/* PDA/182063/* PRA/182063/N1/* QA/8063/00 QA/8063/N1/00 80 25 G3/8 PDA/182080/M/* PRA/182080/N2/* PDA/182080/* PRA/182080/N1/* QA/8080/00 QA/8080/N1/00 100 25 G1/2 PDA/182100/M/* PRA/182100/N2/* PDA/182100/* PRA/182100/N1/* QA/8100/00 QA/8100/N1/00 125 32 G1/2 PDA/182125/M/* – PDA/182125/* – QA/8125/00 – * Insert stroke length in mm. Technical features Medium: Compressed air, filtered, lubricated or non-lubricated Operation: PDA/182000: Adjustable cushioning PDA/182000/M: Magnetic piston, adjustable cushioning Operating pressure: 15 to 232 psig (1 to 16 bar) Operating temperature: -4°F to +176°F (-20°C to +80°C ) max. High temperature versions: 302°F (150°C) max. Consult our Technical Service for use below +35°F (+2°C) Strokes: Standard: see next page Non-standard strokes available (10 to 3000 mm) Materials: Profile barrel: anodised aluminum End covers: pressure diecast aluminum Piston rod: chrome plated stainless steel Piston rod seals: polyurethane Piston seals: polyurethane 'O-rings: nitrile rubber ISO/VDMA Profile cylinders PDA/182000, PDA/182000/M Double acting Ø 32 ... 125 mm

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