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Low Power ICO3 Valves The Low Power ICO3S range of direct acting solenoid valves provide a low power option for high-flow instrument change over applications. With a nominal steady state power consumption of 1.0W, the Low Power ICO3S exhibits a 67% reduction in steady-state power consumption when compared to the standard ICO3S, while retaining identical flow and safety integrity level due to an uncompromized 11 lb (5 kg) spring- force and associated high force/friction ratio. Unlike many other Low Power valves, the IMI Maxseal Low Power ICO3S does not achieve reduced energy consumption though a weakened return spring or internal piloting. Instead, the valve uses an integrated PWM driver to regulate the power delivered to the coil. The benefit of this approach is that internally the valve is in all ways identical to a standard ICO3S. The Low Power ICO3S has been developed for applications where power supply is at a premium, such as remote shale gas installations. Often such installations are renewable, generator or battery powered, and as such, a power consumption of just 1.0W per valve makes the Low Power ICO3S the solenoid valve of choice, particularly where safety is paramount. > Full 316L Stainless Steel construction > IP66/X8 ingress protection > Saves 650kWh over 25 year life (compared with standard 4w valve) Low power ICO3 67% reduction in power consumption

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