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5 FITTINGS For further information FIT-60 Simple tube connection and disconnection - no tools required Fewer component parts - Internally machined form in body to secure collet reduces number of potential leak paths Corrosion resistant Easy identification - All collets marked with tube size Total fittings system solution Reduced assembly & maintenance times provide time/labor savings Greater reliability and reduced testing Ease of tube insertion in areas of restricted access Tube Connection / Disconnection 90˚ 90˚ Component Functions O RING BODY TUBE STOP COLLET TUBE SUPPORT O RING BODY TUBE STOP COLLET TUBE SUPPORT Body—The body has an internally machined form to secure the collet(s), "O" ring(s) and Tube support(s). It also has internal & externally machined thread form(s) for connection to ports where applicable. Collet—The purpose of the collet is to grip the tube and ensure it is retained by the fitting at all times. "O" Ring—The "O" ring is to ensure adequate interference between the tube & fitting body therefore providing a pneumatic seal at all times. Tube Support—The tube support prevents the tube collapsing during extreme tensile loading conditions. Such conditions are only encountered during performance testing and far exceed those experienced during normal use. FleetFit Vehicle push-in fittings Inch and Metric Operating Medium: Compressed air Maximum Working Pressure: 0 to 150 psi (0 to 10 bar) Working Temperature: -40°F to 220°F (-40°C to 100°C) Materials: Body (Straights), Tube support, Collet - Brass BS 2874 CZ 121 Body (Elbows, Tees) - Brass BS 2874 CZ 122 'O' Ring - Buna N (Low Nitrile). Thread Sealant - Precoat 5 Tubing: Tube should be to SAE J844 (Imperial) or DIN 74324 (Metric) Standards & Legislation: Fittings and Tubing Comply to Department Of Transport Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, (DOT FMVSS 106) (Mandatory requirements for Inch tube fittings in U.S.A.) Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE) J2494 (Inch tube and fittings) and meet DIN 74324 and German TÜV requirements (Metric Tube and Fittings) Technical data 1. Ensure that the end of the tube is cut square and is free from burrs. 2. Push the tube through the collet into the fitting. 3. Continue pushing the tube through the 'O' ring until it bottoms on the tube stop. Then pull back on the tube to reinforce the collet teeth gripping action. 4. To disconnect - First ensure there is no air present. Push the tube into the fitting until it bottoms on the tube stop. Then hold down the collet and withdraw the tube.

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