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07 - IMI KIP Valves & Manifolds

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VALVES 2 VAL-327 For further information Fully customisable structure, optimising fluidics flow path Fewer leak paths Laminated Manifold Technology Ensures lower fluid consumption due to smaller fluidic paths With over thirty years' experience in the life science sector, IMI Precision Engineering is one of the most recognised names in the custom design and manufacture of precision fluidic and motion control components and assemblies for the OEM instrument manufacturer. We are well used to designing for the precise control, repeatability and safety needs of the industry. Our market-driven product portfolio, designed to meet the demanding performance requirements in medical devices, diagnostic and analytical instrumentation applications, features niche or platform products and technologies, supported by regular new product launches. Renowned in the industry are IMI Precision Engineering's brands, IMI FAS and IMI Norgren, specialising in miniature solenoid valve technology, microfluidics, precision liquid handling solutions and analytical instrument solutions respectively. IMI Precision Engineering, Engineers GREAT Solutions, by reducing the size of OEM devices while enhancing accuracy, throughput and fluid control performance. Our components are designed for optimal 'size to performance' ratio with smaller footprints, higher repeatability and lower operating power. Our understanding of the market trends, engineering challenges and regulatory standards gives us the capability to provide a complete, OEM-specific, integrated platform that delivers value. With an established sales and service network in 75 countries, our dedicated life science sector teams connect around the world to ensure continuity of support for leaders in the life science industry. Expertise in the Life Science sector

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