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High performance pinch valve for abrasive, corrosive slurries relies on fast-acting control Requirement Pinch valves control the volume of fluids flowing through pipes for batching processes in mining operations. They are also used to isolate slurry or dirty water from the process. Flowrox Group, headquartered in Finland, is the leading supplier of high performance pinch valves and other equipment for mineral processing. Flowrox pinch valves are ideal for shut-off or control applications that involve abrasive or corrosive slurries, powders or granular substances. Their customer wanted fast-acting control that could actuate the pinch valves in just a few seconds. Flowrox turned to Norgren, now IMI Precision Engineering, for a control valve that could meet this requirement by moving a large amount of compressed air in a short time. Solution With a flow coefficient of 5.0 and compact size, the IMI Norgren Nugget 500 valve allows Flowrox to meet their customer's requirement. In addition to increasing controllability, the fast-acting valve allows operators to close down the process quickly in an emergency. The Nugget 500 has nitrile O-rings and seals so it can operate reliably across a broad temperature range. Its durable finish provides excellent corrosion and chip- resistant protection so it stands up to the harsh operating conditions typical of processing plants at mine sites. The Flowrox pinch valve is ideal for this mining application because of its excellent wear and corrosion resistance and ability to operate without jamming or clogging for extended service intervals. For more information, go to: Case study Location: Global Customer: Flowrox Group Key benefit: Fast acting, long wearing Image used under license from © Norgren, Inc. 2015

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