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Left Hand Brewery (IVAC) case study

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Location: Longmont, Colorado, USA Customer: Left Hand Brewing Company Key benefit: Saves space and energy Case study Requirement Left Hand Brewing Company, Longmont, Colorado, USA, is a craft brewer whose stouts and ales are becoming so popular that they can barely keep up with demand. They needed new kegging equipment to handle the volume, but were severely limited on space. In fact, the new kegging line would have to share space with a loading dock. They needed a system to clean and fill kegs that was compact and fast. They also wanted to save on energy costs. And of course the kegging line would have to meet beverage handling washdown requirements. Existing technology for linear systems consumed more space than Left Hand could afford. Solution The solution was the Innokeg Till CombiKeg from KHS, Dortmund, Germany. This unusual keg racker and washer uses a rotary design instead of a straight line, so the kegs move in a circle through required stages of washing and filling. This compact design is made possible by integrated valve and actuator controls from IMI Precision Engineering. The space-saving IMI Norgren IVAC pneumatic cylinder is a ready-for-connection unit with integrated main and pilot valves, magnet switch, speed control and a central connection for compressed air and electricity. The piping and connections commonly used to link the cylinder and the valve are no longer necessary, significantly reducing space required. Eliminating tubing also reduces energy usage for compressed air by as much as 50 percent. © Norgren, Inc. 2015 Big Performance in a Small Space Engineering GREAT Solutions

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