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Alliance Laundry Systems required a solution to their increasing production demands. Demands driven by both the commercial and consumer sectors placed stress on the legacy injection molding production systems Alliance Laundry Systems had come to rely on to meet manufacturing targets. System throughput improvement efforts struggled further as labor challenges gave rise to sporadic downtime. Problem Solution Appliance manufacturer boosts production with vacuum automation tooling End of Arm Tool Case Study Alliance Laundry Systems brought in Norgren with a goal to create tailor-made solutions for their automation strategy. Norgren Automation Solutions provided custom-built End of Arm Tooling, (EOAT), solutions with ever present cost, quality and ease of maintenance prerequisites in mind. The automation and EOAT allowed Alliance Laundry Systems to unload injection molding machines with greater throughput and superior up- time. The improved process incorporates automated quality control devices to provide the assurance required prior to feeding product downstream, a procedure that once required additional investment in staffing. With repetitive handling techniques, we improve manual packaging processes by pre- staging parts for the operator reducing the time required to re-orientate. Joe Moya, Alliance Laundry Systems' Control and Automation Engineer, shares "We're experiencing greater output with this automation and freeing our operators up for more skilled maintenance and improvement duties". Efficient automation has proven that Alliance Laundry Systems can now rely on their processes for further insourcing product manufacturing reducing external spend. "The end of arm tool allows us to stack parts, or lay them in a pattern reducing the time a team member needs to spend at the machine unloading the conveyor" Location: Manitowoc, WI, USA Client: Alliance Laundry Systems Growth driver: Custom End of Arm Tooling

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