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01/22 Factory Automation > Miniature pneumatic interface amplifiers > Sense very low pneumatic signals > Provide on/off control of a high pressure air supply > Low and ultra-low pressure models > Used with non-contact sensors to amplify outputs to a usable level > Serves as an output device in miniature pneumatic circuits Technical features Medium: Compressed air, nitrogen, or inert gases Max. Control Pressure: 5 psig (.3 bar) Inlet Pressure: Minimum: 0 psig (0 bar) Maximum: 125 psig (8.6 bar) Temperature Range: 35° to 150°F (2° to 66°C) Equivalent Orifice Size: 0.014" (.36 mm) Cycle Rate: 25 Hz Diaphragm Amplifiers Our policy is one of continued research and development. We therefore reserve the right to amend, without notice, the specifications given in this document. © 2022 Norgren Ltd Ports: 10-32 UNF Materials of Construction: Body: Noryl End Cap: Polycarbonate Spring: Stainless steel Diaphragm: Buna-N Operation: Supply pressure travels through an orifice and is vented to atmosphere. When a control signal is applied, it energizes a diaphragm, compressing a spring and cutting off the vent passage. Pressure is now directed from the supply to outlet port, providing an amplified signal. When the control signal is removed, the spring returns the diaphragm to its non-energized position, and the supply signal is once again vented to atmosphere. 5DA-010-D0A 10-32 UNF 5DA-011-D0A 10-32 UNF 4" H2O (10 mbar) 1" H2O (2.5 mbar) 10" H2O (25 mbar) 5" H2O (12.5 mbar) Pneumatic Port Port Symbol Number Thread Positive ON/OFF Actuation Points ON when control signal is more than:* OFF when control signal is less than:* IN OUT Control Furnished with three adapters for use with 1/16" ID flexible tubing. Warning These products are intended for use in industrial compressed air systems only. Do not use these products where pressures and temperatures can exceed those listed under »Technical features/data«. Before using these products with fluids other than those specified, for non-industrial applications, life-support systems or other applications not within published specifications, consult IMI Precision Engineering, Norgren Ltd. Through misuse, age, or malfunction, components used in fluid power systems can fail in various modes. The system designer is warned to consider the failure modes of all component parts used in fluid power systems and to provide adequate safeguards to prevent personal injury or damage to equipment in the event of such failure. System designers must provide a warning to end users in the system instructional manual if protection against a failure mode cannot be adequately provided. System designers and end users are cautioned to review specific warnings found in instruction sheets packed and shipped with these products. 1.38 (34) .88 (22) .88 (22) .25 (6) 1.38 (34) .25 (6) 1.16 (30) 10-32 UNF 3-Places TYP. TYP. Dimensions Inches (mm)

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