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Norgren Vaccon Rail Manufacturer Waste Management Case Study

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Utilizing compressed air in passenger trains to operate both the air-braking and vacuum toilet systems oen puts a strain on both, posing a safety risk for the braking system. To eliminate these issues, a train equipment manufacturer sought a more efficient solution to reduce the toilet's air consumption. The application needed to reduce air consumption, while maintining current performance, fitting into the current footprint, and accepting all existing system connections. The solution also needed to withstand the waste compound found in the system, and needed a minimum of five years between maintenance or unit replacement. Vaccon worked with the customer engineers to develop a custom vacuum generator to meet all of the manufacturer's requirements. Vaccon, a Norgren company, designed and manufactured a custom vacuum generator that consumes less air, alleviating the strain when both systems are operating, without sacrificing the toilet's performance. With more available air, the train braking system operates safer and more reliably. This solution consists of a custom generator body for a J Series generator providing a drop-in place solution utilizing the existing valves and fittings of the current system assembly. Our solution was easy to install, compact, cost effective, and met all of the customer's design and performance requirements. Vaccon continues to establish collaborative relationships with customers ensuring we deliver the most innovative and efficient vacuum product solutions to improve productivity and maximize profits. Problem Solution Custom vacuum solutions enable rail manufacturer to provide a safer ride. Location: China Client: Rail Manufacturer Growth driver: Custom J Series vacuum generator Vacuum Generator Case Study Norgren's custom J-Series vacuum generators can be manufactured for chemical compatibility and environmental requirements

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