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Press Load Adaptive Transforming Tooling Data Sheet

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Our policy is one of continued research and development. We therefore reserve the right to amend, without notice, the specifications given in this document. © 2021 Norgren Automation Solutions, LLC 02/21 01 Adaptive Transforming Tooling: Press Load Conventional Tooling vs. Norgren's Transforming Tooling > Eliminates the need for manual tool changes and adjuments > Removes the need for lock-out tag-out procedures and potential safety concerns > Faer die changeover times, while removing issues associated with ergonomics and manual labor Product Highlights Arm Weight (1 arm, 3 joints) Application Specific, 6.8 kg (15 lbs) as shown System Weight Application Specific, 27 kg (60 lbs) as shown Number Arms Application Specific, 4-8 typical as shown Joints Application Specific, 3-5 joints per arm typical as shown Dynamic Arm rating (locked) 200 Nm (150 lb) Dynamic Arm rating (unlocked) 30 Nm (20 lb) Maximum Arm Reach Variable to application needs (limited by dynamic rating) Safety Clutch slips at 30 Nm (20 lb) when un-locked Position sensing Application Specific, absolute positioning technology joint to joint as shown Life Span 15 years, 50,000 Changes Cell/Automation Communication to TT, power Ethernet IP, 24V <10 amp Typ HMI Industrial Tablet, Pendent, PLC, PC Transforming Tooling Press Load (Shown) Note: For links to join joints and form a Transforming Tooling syem, please contact your Key Account Manager or to configure a syem ideal for your application. Applications * All highlight metrics can be customized and are based on the standard 4-arm application. Contact or your Key Account Manager to discuss customization options. All dimensions (in/mm) are for reference only > Stamping (automotive, white goods) Technical Dimensions 111 4.4 THE NUMBER OF JOINT IS APPLICATION SPECIFIC THE TYPE OF END EFFECTOR IS APPLICATION SPECIFIC 76 3.0 TOOL CAN BE HARD MOUNTED ORUSE A TOOL CHANGER LENGTH AND VERTICAL OFFSET OF TOOL IS APPLICATION SPECIFIC

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