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PGS Gripper Double Blank Sensor Kit User Instructions

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Our policy is one of continued research and development. We therefore reserve the right to amend, without notice, the specifications given in this document. © 2020 Norgren Automation Solutions, LLC 00550UI REV: 002 160272.04 10/20 Improper selection, misuse, age or malfunction of components used in systems can cause failure in various modes. The system designer is warned to consider the failure modes of all component parts and to provide adequate safeguards to prevent personal injury or damage to equipment or property in the event of such failure modes. System designers and end users are cautioned to consult instruction sheets and specifications available from the factory. The system designer/ end user is responsible for verifying that all requirements for the application are met. Proposition 65: These products may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, or birth defects, or other reproductive harm. The products described herein are warranted subject to seller's Standard Terms and Condition of Sale, available at seller's website. Warning Warranty 5.2. Calibration 5.2.1. To program the sensor for a particular material thickness, apply air to the gripper and grip on the material thickness which is to be used for the particular job. With an object such as a small Allen wrench, press the button until the Red LED(s) corresponding to the material range of the job lights as shown on the label. 5.2.2. Verify Calibration: Close the gripper with no material between the pads. The LED(s) should be off. Close the gripper on a single blank of material. The Red LED(s) corresponding to your material range should be on. Close the gripper on two blanks of material. The Red LED(s) corresponding to your material range should flash on and off. Note 1: A shim is required under a black pad when it is installed on a chisel jaw gripper. This shim is included in all black replacement pad kits for the chisel jaw gripper. Chisel Jaw Regular/Flange Jaw Single Blank Thickness Movable Jaw Pad Color Opposing Fixed Jaw Color Moveable Jaw Pad Color Opposing Jaw Pad Color 0.50mm to 2.0mm Black (note 1) Black Black Black 2.01mm to 3.5mm Silver Black Silver Silver 3.51mm to 5.0mm Black (note 1) Silver Gold Silver 5.01mm to 6.5mm Silver Silver n/a n/a 6.51mm to 8.0mm Black (note 1) Gold n/a n/a 8.01mm to 9.5mm Silver Gold n/a n/a 5. Calibration 5.1. Setup 5.1.1. If the sensor has never been calibrated, the Red LED(s) will be off regardless of the position of the jaws. All outputs will be off. Before programming the sensor, the correct set of pads must be installed, and for chisel jaws, the correct jaw must be in place. The pad ranges are listed below. 5.1.2. The gripper orientation must be adjusted to allow the pads to close flat against the panel. Calibration using small sample sheets allows the sheet to conform to the gripper pad position for accurate calibration. However, calibration using actual panels in the machine requires accurate adjustment of the transfer finger for full closure of the gripper jaws during calibration and in- process measurements. 5.1.3. For best results its is recommended that the blanks be lifted off of the station prior to calibration. This will help to ensure that the gripper has a proper grip on the panel which helps to obtain an accurate calibration point.

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