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Norgren Shovels Back Norgren's shovels are available as a standard solution, or customized to fit your business's part transfer needs. All shovels come with a welded steel telescope, stud, or hole with a customized diameter. Shovel with Welded Steel Telescope Basic shovel assembly allows field modification of size or shape to accommodate part or die conditions. Part # Shovel Width Shovel Length Weight Mounting Type LTS1002SM2 61mm (2.4") 64mm (2.5") 294g 2" Mini Stud LTS1002SM4 61mm (2.4") 64mm (2.5") 294g 4" Mini Stud LTS1002TM2 61mm (2.4") 64mm (2.5") 294g 2" Mini Telescope LTS1002TM4 61mm (2.4") 64mm (2.5") 294g 4" Mini Telescope LSU0334SM2 87mm (3.4") 114mm (4.5") 450g 2" Mini Stud LSU0334SM4 87mm (3.4") 114mm (4.5") 450g 4" Mini Stud LSU0334TM2 87mm (3.4") 114mm (4.5") 450g 2" Mini Telescope LSU0334TM4 87mm (3.4") 114mm (4.5") 450g 4" Mini Telescope LTS1002TM2 Shown Left Front Right Stud Mounts: all stud mounts have a 1.25" diameter stud, designed to be mounted with any outside diameter clamp Telescope Mounts: all telescope mounts are designed to slide inside a Norgren Versa-Link or 1.25" tube Shovel with Hole: shovel includes a pre-determined or customized hole for other mount options Know your mounting type

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