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Introducing the Excelon® Plus Soft Start/Dump Valves Adding to the comprehensive range of manual control valves, the electrically operated control valves are available in two functions and two body sizes, four port sizes and three voltages. Ideal for every application, their use can assist machine designers in complying with the European Machineries Directive. So start dump valves allow downstream pressure to gradually increase on initial start up, before fully opening to deliver line pressure. The dump function allows the system to be exhausted quickly when required, particularly in the event of a power failure or emergency stop. Product Highlights: » High flow dump facility (Fast Exhausting) » Increased flow performance » Lighter and smaller » In-line or modular installation with Excelon® and Excelon® Plus range (Stand alone or can sit within FRL set on your machine) » Variable Snap Adjustment on Soft Start option » Low wattage » Port size 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" (ISO G / PTF) » Two valve function options: • 3/2 Dump • 3/2 Soft Start Dump » Optional connectors: DIN plug, M12, Flying lead or LED, all to IP65 standards (see overleaf) » 15mm solenoid. Flat pin layout to DIN43650 Form C (8mm), 2 pin & earth » Available in 24V DC (2.0 Watt), 110V AC and 220V AC Technical Specifications

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