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Roundline Plus Stainless Steel Body Actuators 2-18-20

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1 ACTUATORS ACT-02 For further information *ERP, Ecology cylinders available on DAP, DAF, DAD, and DAN models only (add PC option length adder to DAN models) Cylinders with Ecology seals come standard with non-adjustable cushions and does not require NB call out in model number. † Male thread extension only. Consult factory for negative thread or rod extensions. Full range of bore sizes All essential models Optional Ecology seal RP 075 x 2.500 - DAN - PS Options selector Series Roundline Plus RP Roundline Plus with Ecology seals* *ERP Bore Size 5/16" 031 7/16" 043 9/16" 056 3/4" (E) 075 7/8" 087 1-1/16" (E) 106 1-1/4" (E) 125 1-1/2" (E) 150 1-3/4" 175 2" (E) 200 2-1/2" (E) 250 3" (E) 300 E - Available with Ecology Seals Maximum Stroke Lengths†† Bore Single & Double Reverse Acting Acting 5/16" 4 12 7/16"-9/16" 12 36 3/4"-1-3/4" 12 36 2" 4 36 2-1/2"-3" - 36 †† Consult factory for longer stroke lengths. Options Bumpers UB Alternate Port Location PL(__) Side Ported End Cap (DAN, SAN, and DAF models only, note length adder) PC Magnetic Piston PS Non-Adjustable cushions both ends NB* No Rod Thread PR No Pin NP Pivot Bushing (no pin) PO Non-Standard Male Thread TM(__) Thread extension over standard (specify additional length) TX†(__) Rod extension over standard (specify additional length) RX†(__) Stainless Steel piston rod (standard on certain models) SS FPM/High Temperature Seals HT Rod Wiper (not available with HT) RW Stroke Increments of 1/16" up to a maximum. See table Mounting Options Single Acting Nose SAN Single Acting Pivot SAP Single Acting Front Block SBF Single Acting Rear Block SBR Single Acting Front Trunnion STF Single Acting Rear Trunnion STR Single Acting Non-Rotating Nose* NRN Single Acting Non-Rotating Pivot* NRP Reverse Acting Nose RAN Reverse Acting Pivot RAP Reverse Acting Front Block (available in 3/4", 1-1/16" & 1-1/2" only) RAF Reverse Acting Rear Block RAR Double Acting Nose DAN Double Acting Pivot DAP Double Acting Double End Mount DAD Double Acting Front Block DAF Double Acting Rear Block DAR Double Acting Front Trunnion DFT Double Acting Rear Trunnion DRT Double Acting Double Rod End DRD Technical features Medium: Filtered, lubricated or non- lubricated, compressed air Maximum Operating Pressure: 250 psig (17.2 bar) Temperature Range*: Standard Nitrile Seals: -20° to 200°F (-29° to 93°C) FPM/High temp Seals: -20° to 400°F (-29° to 205°C) *With dew point of supply air less than air temperature below 35°F (2°C) Lubrication: All Roundline Plus cylinders are pre-lubricated during assembly with a PTFE based grease for non- lube service and long life. Materials Cylinder Body: 304 Stainless Steel Head and Cap: Aluminum Alloy Piston Rod: Stainless steel on 5/16", 7/16", and 9/16" bores. Carbon steel or stainless steel on all others. See chart for additional details. *NRN & NRP models are non-chrome plated. Rod Bearing: Oil Impregnated Sintered Bronze Piston: Aluminum Alloy or stainless steel Rod & Piston Seals: Nitrile Pivot Bracket, Rod Clevis, Foot Bracket, Mounting Nut: Bright Zinc Plated Carbon Steel *Non rotating rod material is non-chrome plated steel Roundline Plus Stainless Steel Body Actuators 5/16" to 3" bore Single and Double acting actuators

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