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Vacuum Integrated Valve for Norgren Sell Sheet

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New! Integrated Valve Option for Norgren Vacuum Pumps Norgren has expanded its current line of NVP vacuum pumps to include an integrated valve option that allows for faster cycle times and increased functionality overall. This new valve option provides more control over vacuum and blowoff funtions with instant response giving you better vacuum performance than ever before! This new valve option is directly integrated into the pump's body which eliminates the need for a secondary valve and increases the responsiveness of the pump. This simplified integration combination and better response times makes the NVP Series vacuum pumps with integrated valves an ideal choice for your automation project! Product Highlights: » Integrated Valve – Simplifies machine designs and provides faster response times for higher throughput. » Competitive Pricepoint – The integrated valve option is competively priced. » Robust – Simple, no moving parts in the venturi means vacuum pumps will never wear out or clog. » Customizable – More options are available with the normally closed, normally open, 12V and 24V selections. » Prevents Dropped Parts – The normally open valve ensures vacuum is not disrupted if power is lost.

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