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OPTIONAL SHOVEL JAW 25881 13215SP 09/25/09 Syron ® Versatile PGS42 Series Pressroom Gripper Series Low Cost ® Syron High Performance X 90 have a removable pad. Full line of mounting brackets and adapters allows grippers to be used will all 22 Indirect and In-Pad sensors with PNP, NPN or 2 Wire 24-140V ACDC outputs X 0 • • 45 X 14 • 45 X 0 • jaw (upper). The lower jaw does not Indirect double blank sensor available. X 0 See 13227SP for detailed information. X 22 sensors available. 45 90 X 11 45 • 90 • X 45 90 X 0 45 One pad is mounted on a moving X 45 X 0 X 22 • 90 X 14 ensure compatibility with a control logic. types of tooling. • 22 90 Unique, patented, modular design uses common components to reduce your purchase price and stocking requirements. Features a robust hardened steel chassis and grip force up to 900lb at 80psi (400kg at • 551kPa). Quick and easy to configure and repair in less than five minutes by just removing • one bolt on each side. A 5mm hex wrench is all that's required for all configuration and repair. Indirect and In-pad part present • See 13213SP for detailed information. • Indirect double blank sensor available. sensors available. • Indirect and In-pad part present General purpose gripper for transfer • finger or EOAT use. Wide angle jaw opening accommodates • blanks with inconsistent pick up location. Available jaw configurations: • 22 Low profile chisel jaw useful in dies • with low clearance or low lift parts. Available jaw configurations: • Chisel Jaw Only 22 X 0 22 X 14 Mounted vertically from gantry tooling. • Drop down on part and reach around edge to lift. Flange jaw allows gripping directly on • the formed flange edge. Available jaw configurations: • 22 X 0 45 X 0 90 X 0 Indirect and In-pad present • sensor available. See 13291SP for detailed information. • Chisel Jaw Regular Jaw Flange Jaw

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