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NMH and NHH Series Hydraulic Actuators Expand your hydraulic application potential with new NMH and NHH series medium and high pressure hydraulic actuators! Medium pressure NMH series actuators are rated up to 1500 psi. Bi-directional piston seals and extended width wearbands offer superior side load carrying capabilities in an NFPA compatible package. High pressure NHH series actuators can operate at up to 3000 psi, meaning they can handle just about anything you throw at them. Their robust design features hard chromed-plated steel body tubing for enhanced seal wear and prolonged actuator life. Optional NHH series rod locks provide optimized results and superior performance. They can hold linear cylinder loads stationary in any mounting orientation when a system is powered off; bidirectional locking goes up to rated holding force. Three available holding forces provide adaptability for your hydraulic applications. Product Highlights: » High Hydraulic Pressure – Medium (1500 psi) and high (3000 psi) pressure options expand hydraulic application potential » Adaptable – NMH series bi-directional piston seals and extended width wearband are designed to handle unconventional side loads » Robust – NHH models use heavy wall hard chrome-plated steel bodies to extend cylinder life and reduce wear and tear » Customizable – dozens of bore size, NFPA mount, and rod end style combinations provide customization within standard options » Rod Lock Option – improved holding force from 750 to 3000 psi; NOT designed to handle rotational load or act as dynamic braking systems

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