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31 F-PLUS EXPANDED RANGES For further information: (800) 514-0129 I WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – HOW TO ORDER Mounting Options (Enter in numeric order) BM Standard Counterbored Holes TB Trunnion Both Ends TF Trunnion Front TR Trunnion Rear HB Threaded Holes Both Ends HF Threaded Holes Front HC Threaded Holes Rear CB Thru Holes Both Ends 1 CF Thru Holes Front 1 CR Thru Holes Rear 1 WFD075X1-BMNP Type WFD Double Acting, Double End Rod, Hollow Rod 1 "thru holes" are to allow bolt head to pass through, no counter bores 1 No stroke reduction at 80psi or greater, at 0psi the stroke is reduced .040". Bumper compression is linear for 0psi to 80psi. Spring return models have rear bumper only, spring extend models have front bumper only 2 Bumpers and the piston magnet materials are rated to 200°F. Magnetic position sensing and bumper operation is not reliable above 200°F and options B and M should only be specificed with V for chemical compatability 3 Not available in 9/16" bore Options (Enter options in alphabetical order) B Bumpers 1 2 BH Bumpers Head End Only 1 2 BC Bumpers Cap End Only 1 2 J Failsafe Spring Return L2, L3, L4 Front port rotated to position 2, 3 or 4 3 LF Low friction seals LT Low Temperature (-40°F to 200°F) M1, M2, M3, M4 Magnet with track in position 1, 2, 3 or 4. Include "M" only once and each track location after that. For example, a cylinder with track in position 1 and 3 would have option M13 2 NP Female NPT Threads both ends NPF Female NPT Threads front end NPR Female NPT Thread rear end PR Non-threaded Rod R.XX Extra rod extension. Specify total additional rod extension in inches. For example, a cylinder with an extra extension of 1-1/2" would have option R1.5 SR Stainless Steel Rod TFC Coarse Female Thread TM Male Thread (fine) TMC Coarse Male Thread V High Temperature Seals (0°F to 400°F) 2 W Rod Wiper Bore Size 056 9/16" 075 3/4" 106 1-1/16" 150 1-1/2" 200 2" 250 2-1/2" 300 3" 400 4" Stroke In inches and decimal fractions 2

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