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For further information: (800) 514-0129 I WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – 22 F-PLUS EXPANDED RANGES HOW TO REPAIR Basic Repair Kits CKFE-__ CKFE-__-LF CKFE-__-LT CKFE-__-V CKFE-__-VLF CKFE-__-LTLF F-Plus Alternate Body cylinders are repairable. To order repair kits, please provide the correct bore code in the kit part number blank for the desired size repair kit. Optional seals are designated by the suffix option. Repair kits include the standard bronze rod bushing, piston, rod, and body seals. For cylinders with composite bushings, please contact IMI Norgren ® to request a quote. For example, to order a repair kit for cylinder part number CF-075X1-BMZ, specify kit number CKFE-075_Z Single End Rod Repair Kits Nose Mount Repair Kits CKFE-__-N CKFE-__-NLF CKFE-__-NLT CKFE-__-NV CKFE-__-NVLF CKFE-__-NLTLF Rod Wiper Repair Kits CKFE-__-N CKFE-__-WLF CKFE-__-WLT CKFE-__-WV CKFE-__-WVLF CKFE-__-WLTLF Rod Scraper Repair Kits CKFE-__-Z CKFE-__-ZLF CKFE-__-ZLT CKFE-__-ZV CKFE-__-ZVLF CKFE-__-ZLTLF Option Legend (LF) Low Friction Seals (LT) Low Temp Seals (V) High Temp Seals Basic Repair Kits CKFED-__ CKFED-__-LF CKFED-__-LT CKFED-__-V CKFED-__-VLF CKFED-__-LTLF Double End Rod Repair Kits Rod Wiper Repair Kits CKFED-__-W CKFED-__-WLF CKFED-__-WLT CKFED-__-WV CKFED-__-WVLF CKFED-__-WLTLF Rod Scraper Repair Kits CKFED-__-Z CKFED-__-ZLF CKFED-__-ZLT CKFED-__-ZV CKFED-__-ZVLF CKFED-__-ZLTLF Repair Kits 2

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