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3 25 L R R A N D L R A 1-800-272-4511 Order information LRR2XXXXXXXX Electric connector exit (Note 1) Code No connector N Rear R Right hand side S Left hand side L Under U Electric connector type Code No connector N 3 pin 3 4 pin 4 5 pin 5 8 pin 8 Latch type Code Mushroom type 0 "T" latch 5 Tooling coding (Note 2) Code No coding N Mechanical coding C Mechanical Coding (Legacy) M** Check valve Code No port N 2 port Y 4 port (english) 4 4 port (metric) M Mount type Code Long keyplate A Mount plate short B Mounting plate E Short keyplate K No keyplate N Electric connector mount Code No electric N Pigtail connector P Bulkhead B Free leads L* * When "L" is designated in the electric connector mount field, the mount type is omitted from the part number Note 1: The exit location of the electrical connector and pneumatic ports must be the same: at the rear, side or bottom of the receiver unit. Note 2: Mechanical coding block is part of the assembled unit, but the actual code is not configured with the unit. Air exit (Note 1) Code No air N Side exit 1/4-18 NPS (2 ports) S Rear exit 1/4-18 NPS (2 ports) R Rear exit 1/4-19 BSPP (2 ports) B Side exit 1/4-19 BSPP (2 ports) G Rear exit 1/4-18 NPS (4 ports) C Underside exit 1/4-18 NPS (2 ports) U Underside exit 1/4-19 BSPP (2 ports) D Application LRR RECEIVER LRR2XXXXXXXX Contact your KAM or Inside Sales at to confirm part number configurations. ** Only compatible with Legacy LRA2X-M coded adapter

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