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2 19 E A S Y L O A D 1-800-272-4511 EASY LOAD ADAPTER EZA3XXXXXXXXXXXX • Compatible with Easy Load receiver • Rated for 100 ft-lbs dynamic load • Drop and release mechanism for fast, easy loading • Air, electrical and mechanical coding connections couple automatically when the adapter is inserted • Staging position allows operation to load two tools at a time • Safety catch feature to prevent the tool from falling by accident • Electrical use industry leading 6-point contact gold plated pins and sockets for durability and reliability in even the harshest environment Order information Application EZA3XXXXXXXXXXXX Blank side location Hook location Code Right Top R Left Top L Number of electric pins Code 3 pin 3 4 pin 4 5 pin 5 Blank B None N Electric cable length Code 10 Curl A Straight B None N Electric cable style Code Micro M None N Location of blank side and hook Electric location Code Right R Left L Bottom B None N Code Air location R Right L Left B Bottom N None Code Thread location D Sides N None Number of code pins Code 8 8 None N Blank B Easy Load Adapter Adapter tooling style Code Versa A 1.25" Universal B 1" Universal C 25 mm Universal D 1.5" Split clamp E 40 mm Split clamp F 1.25" Half clamp L-R G 1.25" Half clamp T-B H 1" Half clamp L-R J 1" Half clamp T-B K 25 mm Half clamp L-R M 25 mm Half clamp T-B P 1.75" Stud Q Mechanical code location Code Right R Left L Back B None N Code Number of air ports 2 2 Ports 4 4 Ports N None B Blank K 2 Blanks 3 2 Ports and blank 5 Blank and 2 ports Code Thread type for fitting A 1/4 NPT thread, no fitting B 1/4 BSPT (Rc) thread, no fitting C 1/4" Straight fitting D 6 mm Straight fitting E 1/4" 90 Degrees fitting F 6 mm 90 Degrees fitting N None Contact your KAM or Inside Sales at to confirm part number configurations.

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