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14 Products and Capabilities Custom Projects Custom equipment can be designed to bridge gaps between operations to amend press processes for new parts or to reuse old tooling equipment in new applications or plants. > Linear slides to work around a pitch problem > Tipper, Rotary or Spreader Units (or a combination) to get around die process issues Die Engineering Die engineering innovates die design solutions tailored for your transfer press > 3D die processing creates ideal die layouts minimizing the number of dies needed and reducing machining waste > 3D die design modeling replicates die functions by filling gaps between dies, or orienting and rotating parts in a series of dies > Feasibility press studies perfect the die process by automating sheet metal motion plans through a press or within multiple presses and idle stations Turnover station Die Design and Special Projects > Tooling carts for organized storage of tooling by job > Turnover stations to resolve part orientation issues > Black Slice Nesting System for supporting panels in press idle stations when a die is lacking, or a part needs to be staged for the next automation. The Black Slice Nesting System conforms to the geometry of the part for effective support and protection. Linear Slides

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