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1 PGS10 REGULAR GRIPPER PAGE PGS10-05 Norgren is a registered trademark © Norgren Automation Solutions 2016. Due to our policy of continuous development, IMI Precision Engineering reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice. 15559SP us/09/16 Selected Images used under license from 1.800.272.4511 PGS10 and Hot Metal Grippers 2 PGS10 CHISEL GRIPPER PAGE PGS10-12 4 PGS10 SHOVEL GRIPPER PAGE PGS10-27 5 PGS10 HOT METAL GRIPPER PAGE PGS10-35 3 PGS10 FLANGE GRIPPER PAGE PGS10-20 6 PGS10 ACCESSORIES PAGE PGS10-47 7 PGS10 REPAIR KIT PAGE PGS10-59 8 PGS10 SENSORS PAGE PGS10-69

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