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Where Cylinder Speed meets Quieter Cycles IMI Norgren Ecology Seal... 1 ACTUATORS For further information +1 937 833 4033 IMI Norgren Ecology Seal Benefits Machine Reliability Eliminates end of stroke impact forces, reducing vibration and component failures Eliminate potential pneumatic bounce Increased Productivity Travel at higher speeds Up to 75% less travel time through cushion (25ms versus 100ms) Pre-engineered fixed cushion means no cushion screw to be adjusted or tampered with Reduce down time Reduce System Costs Eliminate flow controls Ecology seal cylinder with fixed cushions is less expensive than conventional cushioned cylinder Reduce cylinder bore size Reduce set up time Safe Work Environment Noise reduction - meets OSHA specifications Reduced equipment failures, minimizing injury risk Industry Conformance Conforms to industry standard dimensions, does not add length Available in FPM Widely proven and desired throughout the industry "By eliminating the cushion needle, the Ecology Seal Cylinder saves us 1-1/2 hours set up per machine." - A leading packaging OEM The Ecology seal, in conjuction with a fixed cushion, provides faster and quieter cycles, without the undesireable high impact forces at the end of stroke! The Ecology Seal is designed to work in conjunction with standard air cushion technology, and contributes up to 80% of the deceleration required at the end of stroke. Ecology Seal

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