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14 - Magnetically Operated Switches

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1 ACTUATORS ACT-202 For further information Magnetically operated, non-contact sensing system Consists of a magnet on the piston, and a sensing switch mounted to the cylinder tube Switch types: Read switch Solid State - NPN PNP Switch series: CS7 CS8 CS8-2 CS9D CS9-04 M/50 M/NEN In order to obtain optimum performance and long life, magnetically operated limit switches should not be subjected to: (1) strong magnetic fields, (2) extreme temperature, and (3) excessive ferrous filing or chip buildup. Improper wiring may damage or destroy the switch. The wiring diagram, along with the listed power ratings, must be carefully observed before connecting power to the switch. Lower power switches are designed for signaling electronic circuits. Do not use on relay loads or with incandescent bulbs. Resistive loads only. Application Recommendations and Precautions To provide maximum reliability. 1. Always stay within the specifications and power rating limitations of the unit installed. 2. Primary and control circuit wiring should not be mixed in the same conduit. Motors will produce high pulses that will be introduced into the control wiring if the wiring is carried in the same conduit. 3. Never connect the switch without a load present. The switch will be destroyed. 4. Some electrical loads may be capacitive. Capacitive loading may occur due to distributed capacity in cable runs over 25 feet. Use switch Model CS7-24 whenever capacitive loading may occur. Reed Switch Working Principle Reed switch sensors contain hermetically sealed reed elements (mechanical contacts) which are open in their normal state. When a magnetic field moves within proximity of the switch, magnetism is induced into the leads and forces the contacts to close. Normally Open Reed Switch Open N S Switch Closed Normally Open Reed Solid State/Magnetoresistive Working Principle The solid state (no moving parts) magnetoresistive sensor responds to a parallel magnetic pole by providing a digital signal to the output control circuit. This technique enables the sensing of weak magnetic fields, with no limit to the maximum strength of the magnetic field. Norgren solid state switches are similar to the Hall effect switch. Magnet Sensor Sensor Supply Supply Output Output V<>0 V=0 N – + – + S Magnetically Operated Switches

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