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11 - F-Series Plus Compact

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1 ACTUATORS ACT-176 For further information FP 106 x 2.375 - PTM - PS Options selector Series Substitute Single Rod end FP Double Rod end FPD Spring Extend FPC Spring Retract FPR Bore Substitute 9/16" 056 3/4" 075 1-1/16" 106 1-1/2" 150 2" 200 2-1/2" 250 3" 300 Stroke Increments of 1/8" Mounting Options Substitute *Screw Clearance Holes Front SCF *Screw Clearance Holes Rear SCR *Screw Clearance Holes Both ends SCB Basic Model (std. c'bored mtg. holes) BAM **Front Trunnion TMF **Rear Trunnion TMR **Trunnion both ends TMB Pivot Mount PTM Threaded mounting holes Front THF Threaded mounting holes Rear THC Threaded mounting holes Both ends THB ***Nose Mount NMT * Screw clearance to allow bolt head to pass through - no counter bores ** Not available on 9/16" bore *** Available in FP, FPC, and FPR.Includes a heavy duty end cap and rod wiper. Options Substitute Bumper both ends (not avail. with HT) 1 UB Bumper Head (not avail. with HT) 1 UH Bumper Cap (not avail. with HT) 1 UC Non-Standard Female Thread** FT(__) Heavy Duty Rear End Cap² HD Alternate Port Location PL(__) Low Friction Seals² LF Magnetic Piston² PS Switch Rail and Position (switches ordered separately) M1,M2, M3,M4 No Rod Thread PR Non-Standard Male Thread TM(__) Thread Extension over standard (specify additional length) 3 TX(__) Rod Extension over standard (specify additional length) 3 RX(__) Stainless Steel Fasteners (125 PSI Max) SF High Temperature Seals4 **HT Rod Wiper RW 1 Stroke is reduced by .03" per bumper. Bumpers are rated to 150°F 2 Overall length of cylinder may increase with this option. 3 Consult factory for negative thread or rod extensions. 4 Not available in single or reverse acting models. Technical features Medium: Filtered, lubricated or non- lubricated, compressed air Operating pressure 200 psig (13.6 Bar) Max. Temperature range: Standard Nitrile seals: -40°F to 200°F (-40°C to 93°C) 150°F max. with Bumper Option High Temp seals: -20°F to 400°F (-29°C to 205°C) *With dew point of supply air less than air temperature below 35°F (2°C). Lubrication: All F-Series Plus cylinders are prelubricated at the time of assembly with a PTFE based grease, for non-lube service and long life. Side loading: Cylinders are specifically designed to push and pull. Side loading and misalignment of the piston rod should be avoided to ensure maximum operating performance and life. Materials: Cylinder Body: 304 Stainless Steel Head and Cap: Clear Anodised Aluminum Alloy Piston Rod: 303 Stainless Steel Rod Bearing: Oil Impregnated Bronze Piston: Aluminum Alloy Rod & Piston seals: Nitrile F-Series Plus Cylinders Single and Double acting 9/16" to 3" bore

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