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03 - Liquid Level Sensors

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SWITCHES AND SENSORS For further information 3 SAS-09 Design Considerations • Pressure • Temperature • Mounting • Termination • Media Characteristics, such as - Specific gravity - Corrosive characteristics - Viscosity • Actuation Point(s) • Materials of construction • Switch life/Switch load Our liquid level switches are designed to meet a complete range of application requirements. We have the design engineering and application engineering expertise to help you select the best level control for your application. The switch contact ratings, as listed in the switch data chart, are based on use with a resistive type load. For applications requiring the control of an inductive or capacitance load, additional interface circuitry may be requi- red. Please contact technical support for assistance or to have a life-cycle test performed on your load with Leveline switches. Operation The hermetically sealed reed switch located inside the stem is actuated by a magnetic field created by a magnet equipped float. As the float rises and falls the magnetic field passing the switch in the stem causes the switch to either close or open. Switches can be mounted from tank top or tank bottom or can be adapted for side mounting. Switches will operate normally with up to a 30° tilt from vertical . Most single point switches operate in either a Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) mode. Selecting the mode is as easy as removing the retaining clip and reversing the float on the stem. Switches are shipped normally open as standard. However, some are non reversible and must be ordered as NO, NC or SPDT. Design Flexibility Interface Detection Many models can be modified to detect the level of two dissimilar liquids such as oil and water. Mounting Styles Other mounting configurations are available such as flanges, bent stem, different NPT, straight thread and metric size mou- nting plugs. Terminations A variety of wire terminations, custom lead lengths, cable jackets and connectors are also available. In addition to single point detectors, we offer multipoint products for OEM applications. Complete the Application Inquiry Sheet and fax to 860-677- 4999 or call 800-722-5547. Hermetically Sealed Reed Switch Permanent Magnet Float High Quality Liquid Level Switches Engineered for Extended Service

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