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02 Commercial Vehicles 02 Commercial Vehicles 03 Introduction Powertrain engine 08 Solutions 09 Inlet throttles 09 Variable-geometry turbocharger control 10 Engine control multifunction valve block 10 EGR control 11 Engine exhaust brake control 11 SCR system ad-blue tank heating 12 Ashok leyland case study 13 Pneumatic and hydraulic fan clutch control 14 Innovating in inlets case study Powertrain transmission technologies 15 Transmission gearshifting control module 15 Retarder control valves 15 Manual transmission control 16 Tata motors case study Cab 17 Pneumatic and electronic controls 18 Seat control systems 19 Manual pneumatic control valves Chassis 20 Solenoid valves and valve arrays 20 Isis solenoid valve 20 Lift axle control 21 Manifolds 21 Fittings Bus 23 Door opening systems 23 Climate control valves Off highway 25 Turbo charger smart wastegate 26 Tractor control case study Future 27 Mira technology park 28 Waste heat recovery 29 Rankine heat cycle 30 Natural gas (NG) technologies 31 Air suspension control Contents

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