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Application info Find out more Norgren Automation Solutions introduces its new Collaborative Robot Kit: an all-in- one End of Arm Tool designed to support any Collaborative Robot Tooling Kit. The Norgren Cobot Kit is a user-friendly and versatile system, meaning you can easily adjust or reconfigure your kit for a multitude of parts or applications to meet your business's needs. Configure your Cobot system via the product selectors below or by contacting your material handling experts at 800.272.4511! Note: both cups shown for full visibility Build your kit Let's get started! Norgren Automation Solutions 800-272-4511 *For additional components, see the NAS Featherweight Tooling catalog A complete kit that includes 1/4" Air line and fittings NRB050NB60N38F NRB030NB60N38F NCK A XX XX X X Kit Size Code Standard A Adapter Plate Code No Plate NN 50mm B.C. Mounting Pattern: Supports DIN ISO-9409-1-50-4-M6 A1 Vacuum Cup Mounts Code No Cup Mount N 3/8 NPT Cup Mount A 3/8 NPT ARV Venturi B Vacuum Cup Code No Cups N 4 pcs 30 mm Bellows Cups NRB030NB60N38F A 4 pcs 50 mm Bellows Cups NRB050NB60N38F B Camera Mounting Plate Code No Camera Mount NN Mounting Plate 1 – Supports Camera's (Call for Details) A1 Mounting Plate 2 – Supports Camera's (Call for Details) B1 Note: Contact us for additional adapter options Note: See NAS Vacuum Cups catalog for specifications and additional vacuum cup options

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