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Jaw Pads Flat pads for general purpose gripping. Angle pads for more challenging panels Special Purpose Pads. XS0 XM0 XD0 XSX XMX XDX XMF XDF Replaces side plate of gripper See the following sales pages for details See the following sales pages for details Branch Clamp PGS20CLP3B19SQ - Mates with 19mm square tube PGS20CLP3B25SQ - Mates with 25mm square tube PGS20CLP3B1.00R - Mates with 1.00"[25.4mm] round tube PGS20CLP3B1.25R - Mates with 1.25"[38.1mm]" round tube (See 12677SP for details) Part Gauging PGSGAGE20 Cannot Be used with Indirect Sensor (See 12678SP for details) Internal Wire Telescope Mount works with Versa-Link System PGS20TEL100WRG (See 00792SP for details) Telescope Mount works with Versa-Link System PGS20TEL20 PGS20TEL40 (See 12676SP for details) Stud Mount PGS20STD1.00 - 1.00" [25.4mm] PGS20STD1.25 - 1.25" [38.1mm] (See 12676SP for details) 1/8 Rc 8mm Tube 1/8 NPT 1/8 Rc 6mm Tube 6mm Tube 1/8 Rc 3/8 Tube 1/4 Tube 1/8 NPT 25881 12666SP 09/25/09 Air Fittings Air fittings can be ordered preassembled to the gripper. Flippy pads can accommodate.5 - 6.5mm material thickness with one set of pads. General Notes In-pad sensor cannot be used with: • 0.75" [19] wide pads • 15 OR 45 angle pads • Double blank sensor is not available for • flange jaw grippers For PGS20 repair kit information see 12647SP *Double sided force measurement ** Weight is without air fittings and pads. Body Hard Coat Aluminum Jaw Pads Hardened Steel Working Pressure 60psi min - 100psi max 413kPa min - 689 kPa max Lubrication Permanent for non-lube air Grip Force* Up to 450lb (200kg) Cycles MCBF 5 Million Actuation Times .050close / <.090 open Weight** 2.20 lbs / 1.00 Kg Air Ports 1/8" NPS or 1/8 Rc Front Face Hardened Steel Sensor Type Connector Sales Page Part Present and Double Blank Micro 12708SP Part Present and Double Blank Pico (Internal Wire) 12709SP Pad Type Output Connector Sales Pages Regular (0 ) NPN Micro 12763SP Regular (0 ) PNP Micro Regular (0 ) NPN & PNP Pico (Internal Wire) 12769SP (30 ) NPN & PNP Micro 12765SP (30 ) NPN & PNP Pico (Internal Wire) 12766SP Regular (0 ) 2 Wire Micro 12764SP Regular (0 ) 2 Wire Pico (Internal Wire) 12770SP (30 ) 2 Wire Micro 12767SP (30 ) 2 Wire Pico (Internal Wire) 12768SP ® Syron ® Syron Part Number Mask P G S 20 X X X X X X X X X X -Pressroom -Gripper -System -20 Series - Jaw Type: Regular, Chisel, Flange or Shovel -Top Jaw Open Angle -Bottom Jaw Open Angle -Sensor Type -Sensor Output -Connection and Mounting Preferences -Material Thickness -Pad Width -Pad Type -Air Port Orientation and Fitting Type Typical Specifications

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