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Vacuum Cup Expansion Sell Sheet

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Please see full catalog for more details on available options, dimensions, ordering information, and much more. Vacuum Cup Series Unsure How to Select the Right Vacuum Cup for Your Application? The size of the vacuum cup required for an application is determined by the weight of the workpiece and the vacuum level required. Chemical compatibilty - Is the selected material compatible with the workpiece or other chemicals in the environment Regulatory compliance - Does the material need to be FDA compliant Operating temperatures - Will the cup perform as expected due to the operating environment or work piece temperature? Specialty - Conductive (ESD safe), non-marking, magnetically detectable Shape Size Material 1.) Round - most common shape for vacuum cups providing consistent hold force in all directions 2.) Oval - greater holding force for long narrow work pieces 3.) Bellow - allow the cup to conform to the workpiece and accommodate variation in part presentation 4.) Flat - hold the workpiece securely and limit motion during transfer 5.) Specialty - designed with special features that make them ideal for specific applications NSB (Single Bellow) General Purpose NBG (Single Bellow) General Purpose NUB (Single Bellow) Universal NDB (Single Bellow) Polyurethane NHB (Single Bellow) Heavy Liing NCG (Multi-bellow) General Purpose, Round NDM (Multi-bellow) Polyurethane, round NSM (Multi-bellow) So Polyurethane Round NSF (Flat) General Purpose, round NCF (Flat) General Purpose, round NFG (Flat) General Purpose, round NSG (Flat) Thin lip, round NFR (Flat) Thin lip, round, short travel NUU (Flat) Universal round without cleats NUC (Flat) Universal round with cleats NPF (Flat) Polyurethane, round flat NFH (Flat) Heavy object, round NBLP (Multi-Bellow) So, long round NFD (Flat) Universal deep round NWP (Flat) Thin, wavy lip, round NFT (Flat) Thin lip, round NRB (Bellow) Sheet metal round bellow NRF (Flat) Sheet metal round PRF (Flat) Sheet metal polyurethane NOB (Bellow) Sheet metal oval bellow NOF (Flat) Sheet metal oval flat NOV (Bellow) Vinyl oval

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